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What are AHD or HD-AHD Security Cameras?

Analog High Definition Security Cameras, they are just like Analog CCTV security cameras, better quality and higher resolution image.They might not work with Analog DVR; Some AHD cameras have a button or knob to switch to Analog mode. AHD security cameras will not work with HD-TVI DVR, HD-CVI DVR or NVR . Analog High Definition Security Cameras are recommended to be used when upgrading from an Analog system to an inexpensive high-definition system.Analog and AHD cameras use same cables RG59/RG6 and BNC connectors. Baluns can also be used with Cat5/Cat6 cables.

What are HD-TVI Security Cameras and HD-TVI Tribrid DVR's?

If you have an existing Analog system with coaxial cable already ran, HD-TVI cameras and HD-TVI Tribrid DVR might be the correct solution for you. You can change the cameras with 2.4MP cameras and have a 1080P quality picture and video. Similar user interface and same network setup can be used. Even better some have EZ connect or P2P connection for easy setup 2 or 3 clicks, and you will be all done. Most products we sell have three years warranty and lifetime technical support.If you have a limited budget and your purchase is over $1000 we have a lease to own option.Please contact us for the application.
HD-TVI Tribrid DVR's will support you Analog cameras also if your Analog DVR has stopped working and you can’t find an Analog DVR, you use an HD-TVI Tribrid DVR's. You can use your Analog cameras until you have the budget to upgrade to 1080P HD-TVI Security Cameras. You can also add IP camera to the same system. Please check compatibility.Dahua IP cameras will not work properly with LTS or Hikvision DVR. Most HD-TVI Tribrid DVR's will support a maxre solution of 2MP for IP cameras. POE switch is not built in HD-TVI Tribrid DVR's.You can purchase a POE injector for single camera use or buy a
POE switch for 4 or 8 channel.

What are HD-CVI Security Cameras and HD-CVI Tribrid DVR's?

High Definition Composite Video Interface (HDCVI) almost similar to HD-TVI  or AHD. Coaxial cable and baluns can be used, but for longer distance use High quality cable. When using IP cameras with an HD-CVI Tribrid DVR's use Dahua IP Cameras or OEM Dahua IP cameras.Do not use HIKvision or LTS IP cameras when using HD-CVI Tribrid DVR's. We don’t know the exact reason, but a wildguess HIKvision and Dahua do not like each other. DO NOT mix Dahua and HIKvision in the same system. IP cameras from HIKvision and Dahua are compatible with a lot of other NVR like Samsung, Vivotek, Acti, etc.


What are IP/Network Security Cameras and NVR/Network Video Recorder?

Most IP cameras we sell have a built-in POE adapter,most are 2MP or higher since 1.3MP prices are same or close to 2MP. Most value or ROI is for 4MP Dahua or OEM Dahua decent quality and three years warranty.Hikvision or OEM Hikvision is another value brand, Made in China but reliable.  Dahua and Hikvision both have offices in California. LTS is OEM version of HIkvision, they re brand the product under their name with nine branches in the USA and growing. Excellent technical support and RMA department. Same day shipping.We also sell UNIX, Telpix and Eyemax products. Magic DVR with the MR PATROL app is a great product, unfortunately,can’t be sold to any Tom. Dick or Harry. Only for our installer brother who climbl adders, crawl attics and solve all kind of technical problems like no video after running cable in the heat, cold and dust. My brothers Vigitron makes all kind of products to help you. Place a $5000 order we will give you a cool service monitor free.


Security Cameras and POE Manufacturer from Taiwan

Giants of Taiwan Acti, Vivotek, Avtech and our favorite for POE injectors,  switch, repeters,industrial POE products very high-quality PLANET products.

We also Sell Samsung and Borch known for their high quality and reliability, banks and schools buy from us.

Arecont Vision made in the USA very high-end quality products recommended for banks, jewelry stores. Try their 20MP camera with four cameras in one dome. Cover every angle.